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An Unforgettable Experience!


IMAX is available at:

  • MetroLux 12 Theatres @ Centerra: Loveland, CO
          Located at The Promenade Shops at Centerra
    • 70-Foot Screen
    • The IMAX auditorium offers plush luxury recliners.
  • MetroLux Theatres @ San Clemente: 
          Located at Outlets at San Clemente
    • 60-Foot Screen
    • The IMAX auditorium offers plush heated luxury rockers for optimum viewing.

IMAX with 4K Laser:

  • Sharpness: Experience incredible detail in every image with a sharper, clearer and crisper picture that delivers a heightened level of realism on the biggest screens.
  • Brightness: Laser brings an increased level of brightness to fill IMAX screens with the most vivid and lifelike images in 2D and 3D.
  • Contrast: Dramatically greater contrast levels in each frame provides a level of depth that draws audiences into the movie.
  • Color: The widest range of colors available to filmmakers so they can present more vibrant, deeper and richer colors in IMAX than ever before.
  • Sound: Whether it’s a pin drop or feeling the heart-palpating force of a volcano, with next generation IMAX precision sound, audiences will experience a new kind of powerful, immersive sound they can feel.

MetroLux 12 Theatres + IMAX @ Centerra

MetroLux Theatres at San Clemente